Saturday, February 20, 2010

Limited Edition OCAD Silkscreen Shirt

To kick things off, I want to dedicate the very first post to my dear friend Moshik Nadav. During the few months he spent at OCAD (Ontario College of Art& Design) I came to learn a lot from him and have come to be greatly inspired by him and his work. He's like a brother to me, and his presence is dearly missed in Toronto and OCAD. Because he had to leave I decided to create a limited edition OCAD inspired t-shirt, as something for him to remember the good days. So, with the help of our friend Helen, we did a silkscreen of a logo I had made, and on the reverse, had as many of our friends sign it with their own little personal messages (which were also silkscreened). The final result looked quite cool.

Best of luck back home Moshik. Hope to see you soon.